Top Four Reasons Why You Should be Wearing Sunscreen Daily!

You already know that wearing sunscreen is good for your skin especially if you are exposed to the sun for a long time or as you play sports or travel around the globe but do you know the exact reason why? After reading this article, you would probably get into the habit of putting on sunscreen daily and having a proper skin care routine. Below is a list of the top reasons why you should be caring for your skin. The number one cause of aging is the sun. The dermatologists at Skin Cancer Foundation estimated that an astonishing ninety percent of the visible skin aging comes from the hours and hours you have spent lounging in the sun and not on the number of candles you have blown from your birthday cake. Just by wearing sunscreen every single day and having the proper skin care routine, you would save your skin a lot of years of visible damage. Sunscreen protects and shields every skin type from the UV rays that the sun emits. If you have been born with a darker complexion, your skin has its natural protection against sunburns due to its melanin, but you still need protection from the harmful and cancerous ultraviolet rays. People with naturally white or fair skin have a higher risk of developing skin cancer from too much sun exposure, and those that are with dark skin tones would have to face a more serious kind of skin cancer if they do not put on sunblock. The American Academy of Dermatology persists that everyone wear sunscreen every day to protect themselves from the UV rays. You now have a lot of choices for application and SPF variations! Do you still have images glued to your head of the stripe pasty zinc oxide on the top of your nose? Ditch them because modern aluminum and zinc based sunscreens are now using micronized particles to protect you invisibly from the UV rays of the sun. You also now have the option of using chemical sunscreens which would interact with the skin’s upper layer, aiding hours of protection from the sun. You can either smoothen, rub or spray the sunscreen onto your skin! Even when it is not sunny, your skin is still affected by the UV rays. Some people think that as long as you are in the shade or because it is a cloudy day, you won't be needing sunscreen. Harmful UV rays could pass through the clouds and covers, and it would mean nothing to them! It could easily penetrate to it that is why you need protection even if it is a cloudy day!